If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favorable.”
- Seneca

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Financial Planning

Our experience has taught us that the all-encompassing plans created by many firms cover many issues that are not relevant to the client at that point in time. Much of the plan goes on the shelf virtually unutilized. Our planning process delivers focused recommendations, analysis, and documents at the key decision points in your life.That is why we define financial planning as a continuous, dynamic process that should occur when it is needed–as frequently as that may be. Based on your specific long-term objectives, we help develop and then implement a personal financial plan that uniquely suits your needs, analyzing the following only when needed:

  • Retirement planning (including Monte Carlo simulations)
  • Portfolio management and asset allocation
  • Estate and disability planning
  • Cash flow and savings analysis
  • Insurance, risk analysis, and risk evaluation
  • Tax planning and tax reduction strategies
  • College funding for children and grandchildren
  • Getting the most from executive compensation and stock options
  • Caring for elderly, and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies
  • Charitable giving
  • Coordination with your other professional advisors

For tax consulting, insurance, asset protection, and estate planning we have developed relationships with highly qualified professionals who concentrate in these areas. After providing initial analysis and counsel, we will work with you to identify the appropriate specialists and continue to monitor their efforts on your behalf.

This approach to financial planning and wealth management will maximize your resources with an appropriate level of risk, minimize your tax exposure, reveal hidden opportunities and incorporate your goals and aspirations.


Traditional financial planning involves the creation of an exhaustive and expensive plan at the start of a relationship. We believe financial planning is a continuous, dynamic process that should occur when it is needed–as frequently as that may be."